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Frequent questions


How long does the first treatment take?
The first therapeutic treatment includes a preliminary interview in which the various aspects of your health and symptoms can be discussed. Based on this conversation and a series of studies, a personal treatment plan will be made. This interview will take approximately 15-30 minutes. The treatment time is about 60 minutes.


What should I wear for the treatment?
It is convenient to wear loose and comfortable clothing. For example, you can think of jogging pants, long sleeves or short pants and T'shirt. Yoga pants are also good.


For what the therapeutic treatments are good?
The therapies can help treat the following symptoms:
* Back pain.
* Cervical lesions and stiff neck.
* Joint problems, tennis elbow, nerve pain and reduced mobility.
* Headache, migraine.
* Hormonal problems, menstrual pain.
* Digestive problems, diabetes, excess weight.
* Breathing problems, asthma symptoms.
* Allergic symptoms.
* Sports injuries.
* Balance problems.
* Difficulty concentrating and sleeping.
* Clinical depression, burn-out and fatigue.
* Preventive promotes health.


Are there any side effects?
Until about 48 hrs after the treatment certain reactions, such as headache, nausea, sweating, urgency of urination, dizziness, fatigue or cold shivers may occur. The reactions are of great importance for the therapy and have to do with the negative energy that is released. This allows the good energy to flow freely and better.


Are there precautions after the treatment?
It is important not to carry out strenuous activities immediately after treatment. Also, it is important to drink more water in the same day and the day after the treatment. (Normal 8 glasses of water, on and after treatment days 10 glasses of water)
Depending on the symptoms and reactions between 6 to 12 treatments will be required with 1 or 2 repeat visits per week. The duration and results of the treatments depend mainly on the vitality and inner attitude of the customer, the nature of the disease, the biological age and lifestyle.


Are there any contraindications for therapeutic treatments?

 High fever
 Pregnancy during the first 3 months.
 Infectious Diseases.
 Heart Attack, (Shiatsu can help in the rehabilitation process).
 Cancer (Shiatsu can help overcome the effects of treatment(s) to tolerate them better).
In all these cases, contact with the therapist and discuss the situation.

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