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Who am I

Ellen Hamers
Shiatsu, TCM and Reflexology Therapist

A brief introduction to give you an idea of ​​who I am and what my reasons are for the choice of this profession. My name is Ellen Hamers and I've had since childhood, a lot of compassion for other human beings and nature.


After finishing my bachelor's degree in Sports and Leisure Management and graduated in entrepreneurship in Breda (The Netherlands) in 2005 I went on a trip around the world. With this step I made a long cherished dream come true. During this mental and spiritual journey I began to think different about life, nature and our future. The contact with people from the Far East (Asia) has awakened my interest for Natural, Traditional and in specific Oriental Medicine.

In September 2006 I started studying Naturopathy and Reflexology at the health Academy for Alternative and Additive Medicine in Landgraaf (The Netherlands). I completed this study in 2008, at the same time I followed and completed a training for Basic Medical knowledge (anatomy, physiology and pathology). In 2008 I started training as a Shiatsu therapist on the Aademy Qing Bai in Nijmegen (The Netherlands), the academic training was successfully completed in June 2011. In 2010 I started my own Practice of Naturopathy in the Netherlands.

In the meanwhile I have been travelling every now and then to Asia (Japan, China and Thailand). From the end of 2014 till this year I have lived in Mexico. Also I studied orthomolecular therapy in 2017.


The study and knowledge of the ancient Traditions, Lifestyles and Medicine of the (Far) East is infinite, which is a beautiful thing and keeps me curious and willing to continue taking courses and trainings to ensure the quality of my treatments.
In 2012 I have been following a training course of Qi Gong and Tai Chi in China (Wudang) to be able to pass, these ancient and highly effective health techniques, on to others.

Since september 2018 I started studying acupuncture, a beautiful discipline of great value.


My life and my future is and will be mainly dedicated to my fellowman. Through various therapeutical treatments, massages and personal advice, I hope to contribute to the health of body and mind of my clients, so they can enjoy life to the fullest.

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